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Colour contacts

- Find the most competitive prices for coloured contact lenses available on the market. All prices include handling and freight costs. Bulk purchasing rates are available, when flagged with a "Bulk Price" tag. Please remember that a prescription (RX) is required when ordering colour contact lenses.

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Coloured contact lenses

These lenses make it feasible to change eye colour at a whim; literally offering the possibility of beginning the day with one eye colour and ending it with another while attending a dinner or a party.

Colour contacts are advantageous for strengthening existing eye colour and this development has strongly enhanced the market for this product in recent years as more users have discovered the satisfactory affect created by these lenses. The Opaque lenses cover the entire iris and reduce the admission of light to the eye as the coloured portions of the lens cover the original colour surrounding the cornea. A slight opening in the lens ensures that the users surroundings are not at all restricted.

Another common type is the Enhancement tint lens. These lenses are better suited to those who have light-coloured eyes and who wish to underline this feature more prominently.

Coloured contacts retain all of the advantages featured in ordinary contact lenses and can function both as round-the-clock lenses as well as monthly lenses. Many of them incorporate Ultra-Violet ray protection offering the wearer complete protection.

Use this color studio to find out which color contacts work for you. Choose between 20 different colors and 6 looks.

You need to have Flash installed to be able to use our Color Studio and see what color contacts work for you. You can download Flash from Adobe.com here.

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