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Extended Wear Contact Lenses Or LASIK Treatment

Many people with optical difficulties are not so keen on handling contact lenses. Long-term contact lenses require continuous care and maintenance and are expensive to replace. Fortunately there are other options currently available: 30-day Extended Wear contact lenses or the application of LASIK surgery.

What are the Advantages of 30-day Extended Wear Contact Lenses?
30-day contact lenses enable people to wear their lenses for up to thirty days prior to throwing them away. They are cheaper than other longer term lenses and do not require the same level of care. Most importantly perhaps, 30-day contact lenses may be worn while sleeping. Thanks to this, people do not experience the additional inconvenience of putting them in every morning and taking them out every evening. In the past, concerns about eye infections made 30-day contact lens usage less feasible for many. However, the development of silicone hydrogel lenses, which allow for up to seven times more oxygen reaching the eye than was previously the case, considerably reduces the risk of infection.

Wearing contact lenses is not as severe an experience as a surgical procedure like LASIK, and therefore may well be something which is regarded as a preferred option by many. Furthermore it is a relatively easy process to gain a new prescription should problems arise with the contacts currently under use.

What is the Advantage with LASIK Treatment?
Following a successful LASIK surgery, contact lenses can be dispensed with entirely. LASIK as a surgical procedure has been subject to few if any follow-on complications, indeed many patients report completely restored sight capacity more often than not. It is important to remember that LASIK does not treat presbyopia, a natural blurriness when focusing that comes with aging. Should such a condition persist following LASIK treatment, reading glasses may still be a requirement.

Although receiving LASIK treatment in both eyes may cost hundreds of pounds, it eliminates the need for contact lenses and related solutions and thus may well represent a more economical trade-off for many. However, it is important to do extensive research in order to fully understand the risks available.

Regardless of whatever outcome is chosen, the best advice available resides in conversation with your eye care specialist. Make clear your specific eye correction needs and with that advice weigh up the best option according to your own needs prior to making a decision.