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HYDRACLEAR and HYDRACLEAR Plus technology is used in some of the more advanced contact lenses on the market. Acuvue Advance and Acuvue Oasys are two examples of such contacts. A large amount of moisturizing wetting agent is used in the formula to produce a more wettable contact. In addition to this the contact lenses have a 98% availability of oxygen to the cornea resulting in excellent breathability. If this is not enough, these lenses also provides the highest level of UV protection.


AIR OPTIX AQUA is made of silicone hydrogel and is a breathable contact lens produced with the latest technology. CIBA Vision has combined oxygen and a moisture agent to create a contact lens with supperior comfort and lubricating abilities. By minimizing lens dehydration, this patented lens material is able to maintain moisture during usage. The combination of these moisturizing features and its extremely smooth deposit resistant surface, results in a quality all day comfort lens.