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Special Effect Contact Lenses

If you want to achieve a unique look when it comes to contact lenses, then you might want to consider special effect contact lenses (also known as crazy contacts, novelty contacts or Halloween contact lenses). They have been used for quite some years in the film industry, at costumed parties, and at other events of a theatrical or festive nature. One reason for their popularity is the fact that anyone can wear them, as they are not designed to treat visual defects. However, they must still be fitted by an eye care professional.

Red Cat EyesTemptressBlack Out

What kinds of special effect lenses are available?
There are several suppliers of novelty lenses. The most popular brand is the WildEyes line by CIBA Vision. There are an endless number of varieties available, some of the most popular designs are Red Hot (deep red colour), Hypnotic (a spiral pattern), Wildfire (a sunburst pattern), Knockout (an X instead of a pupil), and Cat Eyes.

T VirusWhite Out

Can I get these lenses without a prescription?
No, all contact lenses are must be purchased with a prescription, including novelty contacts. Even though you may not have a refractive vision error or require prescription contacts, you will nonetheless be expected to produce a prescription. The reason for this is to ensure that the contacts are safely fitted to your eyes and to make the user is aware of the maintenance requirements.

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Where can I buy novelty lenses?
Novelty contacts are to be administered just like any other form of contact lens, through a prescription issued by an eye care professional. Cosmetic lenses are not to be worn continuously and are to be treated with cleansing fluid and properly cleaned at the end of an evening. If you are a newcomer to inserting lenses, consult your optician. Allow an eye care professional to demonstrate for you the most appropriate means of handling and maintaining the lenses. The life span of the lenses will vary from model to model and your optician will help you determine your needs.

It is important to remember that crazy contacts are purely cosmetic in nature and effect. They will not correct any vision defect.

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