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Acute short sightedness - Acute myopia

Acute myopia is caused by interruptions in the functions of the eye, clouding the cornea and thus hindering the eye’s capacity to protect itself against light. This form of myopia is classified when a refractive error of -6 dioptres or more is measured in the eye.

The problem can be tackled by the use of spectacles and contact lenses, although the adjustment process can be a complicated one. The use of spectacles powerfully influences the capacity of the eye and causes a focus reduction. However, contact lenses do not have this affect on the user.

Acute myopia can lead to a number of serious eye problems. Haemorrhages that restrict vision can also develop on the retina. These haemorrhages can be treated via laser treatment. Even more advanced treatment is required when the retina itself becomes detached. If a patient experiences any of the symptoms associated with retinal detachments (flashing lights, a sensation that a curtain is being drawn over the eyes), they should immediately contact an eye doctor. A retinal detachment is considered a medical emergency.