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Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson focus their operations on three business areas: the Pharmaceutical Division; the Consumer Division; as well as the Medical Devices and Diagnostic Division; (MDD).

The Pharmaceutical Division concentrates on the following fields: contraception, dermatology, gastro-intestinal, hematology, anti-fungal, oncology, pain management, anti-infectious, cardiovascular, immunology, neurology, psychotropics, as well as urology. Products are distributed via wholesalers and chemists administering prescriptions issued by medical practitioners to the general public.

The Medical Devices and Diagnostics (MDD), develop, and manufacture a wide range of products including surgical equipment, circulatory disease management solutions, wound dressing products, as well as woman specific health products; blood glucose surveillance devices and diagnostic products including disposable contact lenses.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care entered the contact lens market in 1982 when it conducted a take over of manufacturer Frontier Contact Lenses, later renamed as Vistakon.

The take over established Johnson & Johnson as the number 1 world leader in disposable soft contact lenses as well as prescription based contact lenses, it's full range being entitled the Acuvue Brand Soft Disposable Contact Lenses. The Vistakon division supplies a broad range of Accuvue Brand contacts to customers across more than seventy countries worldwide. The Accuvue Brand Disposable Contact Lenses are renowned for their protective capacity; visual precision; and enhanced patient comfort.

Johnson & Johnson offer a range of contact lenses for general vision adjustment among these: Acuvue, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advance, Acuvue Oasys and 1-Day Acuvue.

In terms of patients who wish to tint or change their eye colour; Johnson & Johnson offer a range of products known as the Acuvue Colour Lens range.

These are supplied in two versions Acuvue 2 colour enhancers strengthening lighter, eye colours optically, and Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque lenses that adjust the colour of darker eyes.

Patients with Astigmatic difficulties have the option of using Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism or Acuvue Toric contacts, while patients affected by Presbyopia are recommended to use Acuvue Bifocal lenses.

Johnson & Johnson - A History

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. or (JNJ), have their Headquarters at Brunswick, New Jersey, in the US. The concern is a worldwide manufacturer of pharmaceutical products as well as medical equipment and general health care products. The company began trading in 1885 producing surgical dressings; today it is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of medical care products.

Johnson & Johnson Contact Lenses