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Epi-LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a form of surgery that has been nothing short of a godsend for many suffering from poor vision. Traditional LASIK involves the use of a small, cutting tool called a microkeratome in combination with a laser for reshaping the surface of the cornea. This enables the eye to focus light more efficiently, reducing and, in some cases, eliminating the need for corrective lenses.

What is Epi-LASIK?
Epi-LASIK is one of the latest innovations in LASIK technology. Epi-LASIK involves the cutting of a thin layer or flap from the outer layer of the cornea. Normally, the surgeon uses a microkeratome. When applying Epi-LASIK, the doctor uses an oscillating plastic cutting tool called an epithelial separator. This tool acts to free the cut-off flap from the eye. Epi-LASIK is a procedure which eliminates the need to use alcohol wash, which could also expose the epithelial cells to injury.

Who Would be a Suitable Candidate for Epi-LASIK Treatment?
Steeply shaped corneas are less suitable for trimming than more rounded corneas. Your specialist will inform you as to whether Epi-LASIK is a more appropriate solution for you compared to standard LASIK treatment. The Epi-LASIK procedure is usually employed for patients who have extremely thin corneas. It can also be a preferred option for those who anticipate that their eyes, under the recovery period, may be subject to robust attention. Perhaps the parents of young children would be an example of this kind of patient. Your doctor will make it clear to you what it is you need to do to give yourself the maximum opportunity to heal and these recommendations should be strictly adhered to.